When it comes to metal work, Kiwi’s Welding and Repair has seen almost everything – but we haven’t done it all, which keeps our job interesting.

Welcome To Kiwi’s Welding and Repair

Here at Kiwi’s welding and repair we do small to large jobs and walk-ins are welcome. We are the friendly team that make it happen. It could be your wheelbarrow to your d8. We do most of it. We can fabricate hitches on trucks, trailers, and campers. We stretch and shorten truck frames and move axles. We install dump beds, flat beds, hydraulics PTO, and electrical. We can do agricultural pipework.

110 – Ton Iron Worker

1/4” X 10’ Brake Press

1/4” X 12’ Shear

A Selection Of Our Equipment:

¼” X 10’ brake press

Wire feed welders

Plasma cutters

Oxy/acetylene torches

We have an assortment of steel we can cut to length, bend, weld, ect. We have lifting equipment, forklifts up to 20,000 lbs. We do mobile welding with a fully equipped truck, up to 8000lbs crane, generator welder, stick and wirer feeder, air compressor, oxy alt torch. We can deliver fabricated materials.

In Stock

Kiwi’s Welding and Repair specialize in all types of metal fabrication.

In-Stock we have an assortment of steel, plate, flat bar, tubing, round stock, etc., to perform any custom job requested. (Bend, weld). There is lifting equipment, forklifts, to 20,000lbs.

We Perform Mobile Welding

We have a fully equipped Service truck with an 8,000lb crane, generator welder, stick and wire feed, air compressor, and an Oxy/acetylene torch. Kiwi’s Welding can also deliver fabricated products and materials to the site.

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